Useful Sites & Groups for Expats in Korea

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Instead of writing up all of these things, I thought I’d shared the blogs, sites and Facebook groups that have helped me throughout my time in Korea. So here are a few! Feel free to comment with your own suggestions.

Websites and blogs

Hi Expat

This website is more for common sense problems, like questions about taxes or immigration. It offers good step-by-step guides with required documents too! It also has a jobs board for positions in Korea.

Grrrl Traveler

This website is great for common sense questions or for experiencing Korean culture and travel within the country. In fact, this is probably the website I visit the most. Its blog-style format is approachable and easy to understand.

Korea 4 Expats

Another good site to visit if you have common sense questions about everyday living in Korea. It also offers guidance for people preparing to come to Korea for the first time.

This One Little Did

I just discovered this blog. It offers blog-style posts on daily living in Korea, common sense guides to frustrating situations (like renewing your passport while you’re still in Korea), and also has tips and resources for Korean language learning.


A government site that provides resources for foreigners and is the portal for making reservations at immigration. Be prepared to install security programs to access the site.

Korean Immigration

Pretty self-explanatory.

Dave’s ESL Cafe

A great place for job searching and lesson plan ideas.


Another good resource for job searching in Korea and Asia.

Facebook Groups for Foreigners

Every Expat in Korea

A support group for questions, memes and general commentary on life in Korea as experienced by other expats.

Foreigners in South Korea

Similar to Every Expat in Korea but perhaps more active.

LOFT: Legal Office for Foreign Teachers

This Facebook group’s purpose is “to connect you with the appropriate authorities and resources to get the information, answers, and assistance you might be needing” when it comes to legal issues. There are many experienced expats and Korean legal experts.

In Daegu

This Daegu-specific group has been a huge help to me in my time in the city. People are very helpful and quick to answer questions! A must-join if you are coming here to live.

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