A welcome to Autumn as we observe small changes

written by Anna Harris

The coming of fall does not come all at once. Like so many things in life, we await with bated breath and not a little impatience for the next thing. The next job, the next weekend, the next paycheck, the next holiday or birthday. We wish the hoped-for good things would come all at once, the personal growth, the joy.

But so often, those things, the best things, only come after a stacking of one thing after another, a series of deaths and rebirths big and small until you’ve hardly noticed the things you prayed for yesterday have started to creep their way into your everyday, in the small spaces.

Such is an Autumn reminder. The promise of nostalgia, crisper weather, and relief from the heat come, often, slowly, with some rain and a bit of wind on a warm day, one degree less hot and the bees a bit more hectic. Menus bearing new drinks and the need for one more layer until before you know it, it’s upon us.

Though the season brings ends, like the loss of leaves, they are ends that make way for new beginnings and good things. And even in the endings, there are traditions, sights, smells, feelings to enjoy in this season.

The arrival of fall fashion. My favorite jackets pulled once again from their hidden spots and brought back to the light for nights walking on rain-ruined sidewalks alongside soaked red and brown leaves.

Cinnamon sticks in mugs of warm cider around a campfire with family.

Pumpkins in windows and on porches. The visit to farms searching for just the right gourd for my own home. Smell of hay and cows and harvest.

Pictures of my nieces and nephews in Halloween costumes, the excitement on their faces at the prospect of sweets and unique energy.

Thanksgiving with family, a time for remembering the good and the bad, to share in gratitude and giving and maybe just one more piece of pie.

With all of the good things we anticipate, there is impatience, but there is arrival in the anticipation, as we experience slowly the arrival of fall together.

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