Ways to bring fall into your home

written by Anna Harris

While the official start of Autumn hasn’t quite arrived, it’s never too early to get ready for some fall vibes by adding some Autumn-inspired elements into your home and life. Afterall, who doesn’t love a nice gourde?

Bringing the outdoors indoors

Something I love about these two images is how simple the elements added are. These designs pulled Autumn leaves and pinecones from the outdoors and brought them inside. Try tastefully arranging some leaves in a bowl or vase, or grab some pinecones and other dried flowers or plants and putting them on display.

Create texture

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There is a lot going on here, but it works. The key is mixing textures that harmonize in a color scheme. In this design, the orange in a warm plaid blanket matches with the burnt colors in the stalks on the side table. The deep gray and orange pillows are satin and faux fur, contrasting yet blending with the other colors and textures in the room. The candles are a great touch as well, lending a natural warmth to the space. The simple crochet pumpkin tops off the pile of books to really bring home the fall aesthetic.

Think outside the color scheme box

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When you think of Autumn, burnt oranges, deep reds, and warm browns probably pop into your head. But you don’t need to limit yourself to these basics. You can go lighter and still bring a fall feel into your space. This image is a great example. The elegance of the blush-pink roses and the French countryside decor are immediately brought into Autumn with the addition of wheat stalks to the table. The candle flames are the only source of orange in the image, yet the delicate touch of fall is still felt here without loudly announcing itself.

Integrate baskets and weaves

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Look at the texture added to this space with baskets. The designer wasn’t afraid to mix and match the weave types and colors, and the effect is pleasing to the eye. Mixing these with dried plants and a classic Autumn wreathe creates a corner that really feels like fall.

Wreathes aren’t just for Christmas

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Hanging a wreathe on your door as the leaves begin to turn is a great way to announce to the neighborhood that Autumn is welcome in your home. With this one, avoid flowers that feel fresh and soft and opt instead for elements like those classic fall colors, wicker, dried flowers, or grain stalks.

All the pumpkins

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We couldn’t finish off this list without the classic of all classic fall decorations, the noble pumpkin. If you’re not sure about anything else on this list, you can’t go wrong with gourds. Whether you decide to carve them for Halloween or not, putting one or two (or 40) pumpkins on your porch or front step will make coming home feel like rolling through freshly raked leaves. Try mixing different sizes, colors, and variety of gourds.

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