Fall activities to get into the Autumn spirit

written by Anna Harris

I don’t know about you, but I love fall. Hot weather is my kryptonite, so when the crisp air scented with fireplace smoke and pumpkin spice latte comes to greet me as I walk outside, it’s a good day (confession time: I don’t really care about pumpkin spice lattes). Whether you enjoy the chillier weather like me or not, here are a few indoor and outdoor activities you can try this Autumn to get excited about the changing season!

1. Make fall treats

When I think fall, I think baking and warm drinks. One idea to keep yourself occupied this season is to bust out your baking trays. Consider trying pie baking or making cookies for your family, friends, and/or neighbors. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, try your hand at some warm drinks. There’s the ever-popular apple cider or hot chocolate, or you could attempt to make your own Autumn flavored lattes (forget pumpkin spice, what about a maple latte or dulce latte?).

2. Rake the leaves…then have a photo shoot!

A classic favorite. Get your workout picking up the dead leaves that have fallen in your yard (or a neighbor or relative’s yard, if you don’t have one) and then get a friend to play with in them! Start a leaf fight or bury yourself under pile. My favorite thing to do with friends and fall leaves is get a camera and start shooting. Some of my favorite memories with friends are times we went outside on a cool day in fall and captured the moments we spent together, decorating our hair with leaf crowns and throwing handfuls leaves into the air for a perfectly timed photo.

3. Go for a drive through the woods

I love a good drive, and fall is one of the best seasons to get lost in the car (with Google Maps handy, of course). If you’re not a fan of heading out without a plan, plan your route beforehand to maximize your chances of finding yourself in a forest of color. If you live in a city, you could find a friend or two to split the cost of renting a car and head out to nature! For those of you lucky enough to live closer to the woods, it’s even easier to get out and enjoy the changing colors before they fall.

4. Shop for pumpkins

When I was growing up, Autumn meant pumpkins. Find a pumpkin patch, farm, or farmers market nearby and head out to hunt for your perfect gourd! Really, if you choose not to carve it into a spooky face for Halloween, you can keep a pumpkin for a long time as decor either indoors or outdoors. Get big ones, small ones, lumpy ones, smooth ones, get different colors, get them all! Mix and match and see what makes you happy! Or just get, that’s fine too.

5. Find a corn maze

It is a dream of mine to go to a really good corn maze. I have a memory of going through a small one when I was little and being underwhelmed, so one of these days, I will find a real challenge. See if there is a farm near you with a maze made out of corn or haybales and test your luck! You could race with friends or family, or you could bring a date and walk hand in hand as you find your way together.

6. Take a nature walk

If you don’t have a car or prefer to take the season in more slowly, a nature walk through the woods or tree-filled park is a great way to celebrate the time of year and really soak in the Autumn vibes. Breathe in the air, take in the colors in the trees around you, and reflect on life and nature as you wander. What a great way to get some inspiration!

7. Bust out your boots

Fall is my favorite season for fashion. With all the shoe and layering options, it’s a time of possibility when it comes to my wardrobe. Have some fun going through your cold weather clothes and put together some outfits to store in your head for later. It’s also a great opportunity to go shopping and refresh your closet if it’s been a while.

8. Decorate your house for fall

The great thing about Autumn is that decoration can be as easy or as complicated as you make it! It takes as little as adding a few Autumn elements, maybe some gourds or dried fruits or flowers here, a brown and rusty red throw over there, a few candles, and you’re already well on your way. Even if you don’t plan to decorate for Halloween (which is a different conversation altogether), a fall wreathe on your door is a classy and seasonal touch that requires little effort on your part and brings the nostalgia of the season into your heart every time you come home.

9. Have a friend or significant other over and binge watch scary shows by candlelight ahead of Halloween

Okay, this one might be cheating a bit, but Halloween isn’t the only time for spooky marathons. Having a few close guests over for Autumn treats and drinks and some creepy fun is a nice way to tie it all together if you’ve done other activities on this list. Afterall, you’ve made your house cozy, mastered the art of the hot toddy, and made cookies, you might as well have some friends over and get scared silly!

These are just a few ideas for activities to do this Autumn. We’d love to hear your ideas, so feel free to leave your favorite fall activities in the comments!

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